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Flying Free

Well, it’s official. I told my boss that I will not be returning to my teaching position next school year. *Whew!* I worried about that conversation for weeks! I am a worrier by nature and I tend to agonize over important talks with people. As someone who constantly strives to please people, I  often create false scenarios in my head for how people will react to me. When I got in to see her this morning, she was very supportive, encouraging, and understanding of my decision. I felt so much better after talking with her and seeing her favorable reaction to my news. I remembered that 90% of what we all worry about never happens or, when a dreaded thing may happen…it is often less horrible than we expected.

The way ahead will be challenging, busy, perilous, and full of hard, hard work. However, I am incredibly excited about the opportunity to be my own boss and work full-time pursuing my dreams. Last year, I wrote five manuscripts. I am currently writing a sixth novel but am revising//editing the first novel I wrote last year. My plan is to publish it sometime between August to December 2012. I am going to be self-publishing, so the ability to work full-time on my novel and editing will be sublime. It will not only help me stay on schedule to publish this year, it will help me to create  a far better end result than if I were trying to juggle teaching and editing on top of it.

I feel like I am unfolding my wings and flying away to the place of my dreams. I have no illusions, however, that this path will not be fraught with intense hard work. I have no illusions that I will wake up everyday and have a writing//editing session filled with rainbows and kittens. It will be tough. But it will be wonderful. For those of you who are, like me, making the transition from day-job to working for yourself, I have found these links to be helpful and inspiring:

Tina Su’s Story

Evelyn Lim’s Story


What is something you could do today to get yourself closer to achieving your dreams?


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