Busy Week Ahead!

Hi, all!

Well, after the Philosopher came home from Dallas on Saturday night, we had a nice relaxing weekend. Today, I am hitting the ground running. There is a lot do to both work-wise and home-wise this week, because my hubby and I are going on vacation next week with my in-laws! It is going to be a lot of fun, but because I won’t be able to spend a ton of time working next week, I will be writing two blog posts a day (publishing one and saving the other to be published next week.) I’m not doubling my word count for my manuscripts, but I am trying to write a bit more each day to make up for not being able to write very much next week.

I love vacations SO much, but they do tend to rock your schedule. I am a creature of habit and order, so when things like this come up, it is both exciting and an teeny bit stressful. I have a giant to-do list on my white board in my office of things that need to be accomplished this week. I will also start making  packing lists for the luggage. I am definitely a list maker and am very task oriented. I do this, as well, for my workday. Each Monday, I write down tasks that need to be done during the week. Each morning, I take some of those tasks (some are repeated daily) and get them checked off. It works very well for me.

I hope you are all having a terrific Monday! Thanks for stopping by! Stay tuned for a big post next week about staying organized during your work week and balancing all aspects of your busy life!

The Writer


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