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On Today’s Agenda…

I totally could have slept in today. Like, for reals. I am SO sleepy! I also had crazy weird dreams. I tend to have extremely vivid, insane, colorful, movie-like dreams. For the last few nights, they’ve been nightmares. Thankfully, last night’s was a tamer sort of dream, but I still woke up feeling a bit strange. Thankfully, whatever I dreamed, I must have gotten good rest because I got my 2,000 words done this morning in record time! It only took me an hour and a half vs. several hours. I am on a roll! What’s up next for the day?

1. Finish blogging

2. Maiedae work

3. Editing 20 more pages of my novel

4. Mandatory 30 minutes of reading

5. Lunch with the hubby

6. Martial Arts classes (Taekwondo and Hapkido)

7. Maybe tidy the house if I’m feeling ultra-productive

Yay for productivity! I hope you all have terrific days! P.S>–I am wishing my precious furry children a happy birthday. You should check it out.

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