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Date-Night Haiku

Every week, my husband and I have “date-night”. Every Wednesday, my husband and I say “no” to any other plans and just spend time with each other. We started this tradition back in college, though it wasn’t always on Wednesdays. The day changes as needed, but since we’ve been married, Wednesday just works well for us. Since we do this in the middle of the week, it is a chance to rest, rejuvenate, and relax with each other. Sometimes we go out to dinner, sometimes we stay in. Typically, we watch a fun movie together or play a game. Either way, it is a magnificent night for snuggles and quality time  together.

In honor of tonight’s date-night, I thought I’d share a haiku. I’m a sucker for haiku, as you know.

Dreaming about you

I conjured your handsome face

Waiting for tonight

Awww, yay! A sappy, lovey-dovey haiku for you all! We writers have to make sure we’re taking adequate time to be intentional about our relationships. Most of us enjoy solitude and hiding away in our cave of wonders to get our writing done, but too much alone time can make you heartsick. Make sure you’re spending enough time with your spouse, significant others, friends, and families!

Do you have any special date-night traditions with your significant other? I’d love to hear! Share your comments!



6 thoughts on “Date-Night Haiku

  1. Love this!
    And it’s SO true, we have to take time to be intentional about those important relationships. My hubby and I don’t have a particular night set aside, but we do have a weekly ritual. At some point, usually Sunday afternoon, we ask each other our “Five Questions.”

    1) What made you you feel loved this past week? (describe a specific instance)
    2) What does your upcoming week look like?
    3) How would you feel most loved/encouraged in the days ahead?
    4) How would you best feel pursued in sex/intimacy this week?
    5) How have I pray for you this week?

    Asking these questions and really taking time to listen to the other person’s response has been amazing for our relationship. We work different shifts on different days and no one week is exactly like the next, so using this “formula” keeps us on the same page.

    I think question #1 is usually the most important for us. We both enjoy taking the time to list all the little things that made us feel loved that past week. For example, “When you made that delicious dinner on Tuesday because I worked late, I felt loved,” or “When you talked to my brother because he was upset, I felt loved that you care about my family so much,” etc. It makes the other spouse feel appreciated while at the same time reminding you how much you REALLY DO feel loved!

    You should try our Questions on one of your Date Nights!

    1. LOVE this, Kelli! What a beautiful, edifying ritual! I’ll be speaking with the Philosopher about this for sure! Thanks so much for taking time out of your very busy schedule to share such a lovely comment with me!

  2. ***”5) How CAN I pray for you this week?”

    Darn it, posting on a writing blog and I make a grammer error. Oh well! 😉

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