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The Journals

So, I journal a LOT. When I was a kid, I started journaling about my life fairly early. When I was in middle school, I started keeping a prayer journal. I also started keeping a reading journal. Yes, I keep all of these journals separate, because they serve different purposes in my life.

Life Journal:

This  journal serves as the canvas for painting my life story. I have a GAZILLION of these babies. However, I did not start seriously recording my life until I was married. I have filled four journals totally full in the last two years of my marriage. I love to write about my life, my thoughts, writing ideas, lists, work meeting stuff, and artwork in here. It serves as my “catch all” journal. They are really fun to read through afterwards, because they hold such random entries!







Devotion Journal:

When I was twelve, I grew very serious about my Christian faith and began to keep a prayer journal. Every night (without fail), I would read from the Bible and jot down my prayers. As I grew older, my quiet time evolved into liturgical daily office prayers where I did not need to keep such a journal each night (unless I wanted to.) Now, I use my devotional journal for writing prayers, bible study, and theological book study notes.







Reading Journal:

When I was younger, I sauntered into Barnes and Nobles and found a Book Journal. I was intrigued and purchased it. This journal served to keep a record of the books I’d read, my thoughts on them, and what my favorites were, etc. I quickly filled the journal all the way full and had to get another one. This is my most recent book journal. It has blank pages in it, so I can write anything I want. For now, I’m using it simply to keep lists of the books I read each year and the months I read them. Isn’t it pretty?






Do you keep a journal or journals? I’d love to hear about them! Journaling is a fantastic way to record memories, keep track of important things, and engage in emotional self-love!

Have a great Thursday!

~L.M. ❤

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Life Happens

The last two weeks have been extremely stressful. As most of you know, a tree fell on//beside our house, putting three holes in our roof. Next, a serious family emergency rocked our world. Then, we had a bad car battery. Simultaneously, we had our normal life obligations like work, house care, and relationships to maintain. As well, I just took on a considerable amount of work for Maiedae. Also, I have a book publishing deadline coming up in 46 days. ARRRRRRGGGGG!!!!! LOL.

When you lay out all the “bad” stuff that has happened recently, with all the “normal stuff” and even the “good stuff”, life can look extremely full and stressful. But, when you sit back and truly think about all the wonderful blessings that have happened because of some of those “bad” things, or even the  “normal things”, life doesn’t seem so stressful anymore.

For example, the tree is still lying on top of my patio. I could wig out about that, or (like I chose to do yesterday), I can sit at my breakfast table and watch the sunlight filter through the pine needles that are now much closer to my vantage point. I could look at family drama like a disaster, or I could view it as an opportunity for loved ones to grow and learn. I could sit and moan that my car wouldn’t start yesterday and it was oh, such a horrible experience, or I could be thankful that the battery had a warranty and I was able to get a new one for free. As well, it provided me with some really special time to spend with my dad (who is an out-of-this-world mechanic.)

Honestly, life just happens. Sometimes, it is not so fun. Other times, it’s great. But you know what? Usually, life happens and it is a mixture of all the good, the bad, and the normal. Perhaps things are easier to digest, move through, and move beyond in that way. Scriptures say that we’ll never be tempted beyond what we can bear. My husband and I like to apply that to the “not-so-fun” stuff that sometimes happens in life, too. We will never face something that we can’t get through. It may feel like we can’t at times, but those are just feelings. Feelings are great, but sometimes they overwhelm us and get us all psyched out.

If you’ve been having a stressful week or month in your life, just remember to look for the little blessings that crop up here and there. Life is hard enough without dwelling on the bad things all the time. Chin up. Watch the sunlight paint the leaves outside. Have a hang-out date with a friend. Spend time snuggling with your hubby or wifey. Sit and soak up the good things when they come. They can help you make it through the next “bad” situation that might crop up. When life happens and it isn’t necessarily the way you’d like it to, just remember that you’ll never face anything you can’t make it through.

You can do it. Whatever you are facing, you can pull through it stronger than you were before you were faced with it. Be brave. Be strong. Be gentle. Be happy. All of those things are a choice.

Thanks for stopping by today! I hope that these words were encouraging for you if you’re facing a tricky work or life situation right now. Just remember, we all have hard times. Even if you’re having a bad day, try to lend a listening ear or give a kind word to someone around you today.

Happy writing and working to you all!


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Managing Stress

It would be nice if life would slow or calm down when things get busy and tough, but that is rarely the case. For most of us, we have to deal with the storms of life while continuing to work and managing our relationships. It isn’t easy. I’m certainly no expert, but I’ve experienced my fair share of stress. Here are some of the ways I manage my stress levels:

1) Cry-— It is 100% okay to cry. In fact, crying is wonderfully cathartic and can help you to “let it all out”. Even though you may not look glamorous after a huge sob fest, it can still help your heart to release its tension.

2) Pray— Prayer is one of the best ways to sit down, relax, and ease your mind out of its anxious turmoil. Prayer is a way of separating yourself from your problems and stressors and seeking the direction of God.

3) Be intentional about relaxing activities— Find out what helps you to calm down in periods of stress and be intentional about doing those things. If taking a long, candlelit bath just does it for you, then DO IT. If it is reading or watching a long movie, DO IT. Go for a walk or hike. Exercise. Whatever you need to do to bring your mood up in depressive or stressful environments, do it.

4) Communicate with your significant other— Be very open about how you are feeling with your spouse or significant other, but do not swamp them with information. If you are experiencing stress, anxiety, or worry, it is important to rationally express this to your spouse, but try not to place blame or discuss other people’s faults. Simply express how you are personally feeling and be honest about how they can help you.

5) Be flexible— Tough situations call for flexibility. You really may not want to do some of the tasks involved in dealing with life disasters, but you may have to. It’s okay. Just be flexible and tell yourself that you can do it. It may not be fun, it may not be ideal, but it’s okay. You can do it.

Life is hard. Often, there are terrible, tragic, and unhappy things surrounding a lot of us. But, unfortunately, it rains on the just and the unjust. Take your life each day at a time. Remember that it is okay to make mistakes and it is okay to move on. Take care of yourself. Learn to manage your stress so that it does not overwhelm or derail you when things go bad. Breathe.


Thanks for stopping by today,



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The Patio Set Destroyer

(Said like Admiral Ackbar says, “Super Star Destroyer”)

Behold the great pine that came down in a CRAZY thunderstorm last night:

Notice how it gobbles up our patio furniture…

Last night, it started storming REALLY badly. My husband and I turned off our computers and went to our bedroom to read. As we were laying in bed (I was reading Terry Pratchett’s Small Gods by the way), we heard the thunder rumbling about us. All of a sudden…we heard a huge CRACK and BOOM! The entire house shook. Both of us sprang from our bed and ran to the windows. Looking outside, we saw the largest tree in our yard had fallen and demolished our patio. We both praised God that it had not fallen a few feet to the left. If it had, it would have landed right on our heads where we were laying in bed.

We examined the damage and, for the most part, the tree seemed to be touching the house but not damaging it horribly. After my husband and I began making necessary phone calls, I heard him shout across the house, “I need you to get a bucket right now!” In our bedroom, we had water pouring through our currently-turned-on ceiling fan. Yeah. Not a good thing. I took care of laying down buckets while he turned off the circuit breaker. The fire department came out to see about our electrical issues and a roofing company came to tarp the roof where the giant pine had punched three holes. Blessings to that man! He and his partner put up the tarp while it was still storming!

Turns out the tree was about 65 ft. tall. A portion of the trunk is still up in our back yard and it is taller than our house. To give you perspective, the part of the tree that is currently on the ground covers our ENTIRE backyard lengthwise! It’s HUGE!

My husband and I are SO blessed to be alive. We are so blessed that no one in the neighborhood was hurt during those storms. We are so blessed that we sustained minimal structural damage to our house! The Philosopher and I are looking forward to a restful, hopefully uneventful evening.

And…yeah. Didn’t get my writing done today. I wonder why? Turns out, dealing with a tree down in your yard and a leak in your roof is pretty time consuming. Who knew? 😉

I will hopefully be able to post something about writing tomorrow, but for now, I am enjoying a nice work-free evening. 🙂



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私の誕生日です! (Watashi no tanjoubi desu!) (It’s my birthday!)

Sorry. Things just look and sound so much cooler in Japanese! (That’s for you, Philosopher! LOL).

WOOHOO! The big 2-4! Being twenty-four years old feels nearly exactly like being twenty-tree. Go figure. 😉

In honor of my birthday, I’m giving you all an incredibly short post.

In fact, that was it.

Have a terrific June 30th, everyone!