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Desk Adornment: Fighting Evil by Moonlight

What desk would be complete without random super-hero//heroine trinkets? I know mine wouldn’t. I have been a hardcore Sailor Moon fan since I was in middle school. These ladies never cease to bring a smile to my face. I am a big-time anime nerd and my life wouldn’t be complete without my Sailor Moon key chains, Sailor Moon wall-scroll, and complete DVD series!

Think I’m a big enough dork yet? Just wait: I also have Sailor Moon mangas, Sailor Moon drawing RPG books, and Sailor Moon playing cards. I was also Sailor Moon for Halloween in 7th grade. Hair up in odango buns and everything (my real hair)Yep. It’s bad. Now, granted, it’s not all I draw or think about anymore, but when I was a young, prepubescent girl, Tsukino Usagi was my hero! (Or Serena for you dub fans).

These key chains sit above my desktop where I can see them and be inspired by their awesomeness.

What dorky or geeky trinkets do you keep on YOUR desk? I’d love to hear. You know you have something! Share!

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Desk Adornment: The Lucky Cat

I thought it might be fun to have a feature on my blog about what a crazy writer might keep on her desk. My desk (not the one pictured above) is fairly shallow and I have filled it quite full with work items, computer parts, and random figurines//pictures//flotsam + jetsam. In this week’s Desk Adornment post, I am showcasing my austere and regal Lucky Cat! The figurine in the picture above is my actual Lucky Cat. It used to rest on the desk at my day job, but now it rests proudly atop my computer tower.

Lucky Cats (maneki-neko // 招き猫 in Japanese) are sometimes referred to as “Welcoming Cats” or “Beckoning Cats”. This is because they wave at you. They are considered to be good luck in Japan. I’d go into greater detail, but you have just as much access to Wikipedia and other sites as I do. 😉 I find him to be terribly cute. Also, the fact that he gets the energy to wave from his nifty solar panel is super cool.

I was given this fun solar powered figurine from a teacher I worked with at one of my former day-jobs. She was a very special lady and I always remember the time I spent working with her when I look at the Lucky Cat on my computer. 🙂

You can (MAYBE) expect a Desk Adornment feature post every week. I think it is fun and we writers gotta pay homage to all the random trinkets we keep around to inspire our creativity and luck!

What sorts of items do you keep on your desk to cheer you up or make you happy?

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