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Well, after LOTS of hard work, I have a functional author website! It will become my blog, author information site, and networking portal. If you have previously subscribed to https://unearthingwords.wordpress.com/, please follow me to my new site and follow//subscribe to it! I have thoroughly enjoyed all the fun comments, discussions, and contacts I’ve made here.

All my posts, images, content, and pages have been imported to the new site and you’ll still have access to all of my previous posts and entries. There are some new features on my website and I am VERY excited about them.

Ready for the big reveal?

Head on over to LMSherwin.com!  

The title is still “Unearthing Words”, because I love it so much and that’s what I feel it is that I do as a writer. 🙂

I hope to see you there! I’ll no longer be uploading entries to this blog, so all my new content will be over on lmsherwin.com!


*Whew!* Building Website is HARD WORK!

Today is dedicated solely to working on my new website! If you’re on the new website already, then you can ignore this sentence. If you’re not, you can look forward to a new website very soon! :-) I am currently working on editing the stylesheet of the child theme to the parent theme I have chosen. It is H.A.R.D. W.O.R.K. with all caps! Still, I know I will feel very accomplished once I’ve gotten it all tweaked and pretty. :-)

I hope that once I announce my new website URL, those of you who are following me will continue to do so from the new site. :-) Thanks to everyone who has read my existing blog.  I really appreciate your readership and your comments!

Thanks for stopping by,